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Moving ScanSnap Receipts Database to a new Mac

I recently moved to a new MacBook. Part of the transition required moving my Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 ScanSnap Receipts over to the new machine. While the scanner is an incredible piece of hardware that lives up to typical Japanese over engineered standards, the software is a complete dumpster fire.  The only options provided for exporting the data is to either get the CSV data of your receipts or as images/PDFs.  No option to just move your database with receipt data and images to another machine.

So here’s a simple way to move your files over.

Grab the Receipt DB.ssrdb database file from the old machine. Install ScanSnap Receipts on the new machine.  Place your database file into the same folder on the new machine, overwriting the empty database.


I ran into a problem where after doing this I was getting “Internal Error (-34)” errors while viewing receipts and the images were not showing up.  I did some digging around.  Right-clicking on the ssrdb > Show Package Contents.  Navigate down to the folder containing the images.

What I found was that all of my images had file extensions of either .jpg or .tif but the software did not need them.  I used two bash scripts to rename these files to remove the extensions:



This fixed my problem and the receipts were showing up as expected.  I’m not sure why the extensions were added. It might have been because I used Google Drive to transfer the files.

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