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Configuring DuckDNS dynamic DNS on the Ubiquiti USG

I have a remote USG deployed at a relative’s house and need to have a way to access the UniFi Security Gateway’s WAN IP if the ISP changes it.

Steps to implement

  1. Create a user account on This will generate a new user token. Save this as you will need it later and don’t share this.
  2. Create a subdomain on
  3. Go to your UniFi controller and set up a config.gateway.json file, instructions here.
  4.  Add the below configuration to this file. Replace SUBDOMAIN with just the subdomain of your duckdns site and replace TOKEN from your account token.
  5. Go to your UniFi Controller and reprovision your USG. Your dynamic DNS should now be working


Check to make sure it works

To check and confirm the USG is updating the DNS correctly, you can SSH into the USG and run show dns dynamic status.

You can also force an update by running update dns dynamic interface eth0

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