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An easier way to download your AliExpress order history

While there are some benefits to using AliExpress, ease of use of the website is definitely not one of them.  I was looking for a way to download my order history, it’s useful for many reasons to know what you’ve ordered.  However, AE doesn’t give you any way of doing this.  It appears I wasn’t alone as there are many that have worked on this and continue to need it.

Below is a tampermonkey script to parse the data from your AliExpress order history page and copy it to your clipboard as CSV.  It also pulls in the tracking number and status and displays it on the page.  I tried to get the tracking to copy into CSV, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

The high-level process to get this working:

  1. Install Tapermonkey extension in Chrome
  2. Create a new script with the code below or click here to do it automagically
  3. Goto your AliExpress order history page
  4. This script will create two additional buttons:
    • One to copy all of the order data
    • And another to copy the header
  5. Now just paste the header into your favorite spreadsheet as the first row and follow by the data itself.

Tampermonkey script

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